Radiance™ BracketsMany patients want clear orthodontic treatment similar to Invisalign®, but sometimes aligners may not be enough to correct certain orthodontic needs. Instead, some patients may require braces as a treatment option, if you are looking for a clear option, consider Radiance™ Brackets. Here at Garden Orthodontics, we offer Radiance™ Brackets to patients of all ages in search of a clear and comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces.

Radiance™ Brackets provide the same effectiveness that you would find from traditional braces without the wires and metal brackets. These brackets are crafted from sapphire and heat polished until smooth and clear, meaning your treatment can be our secret!

They are the ultimate combination of beauty and performance in orthodontic treatment offering patients the highest level of comfort. The smooth edges reduce irritation and discomfort commonly experienced with traditional braces, while their stain resistance ensures a bright and clear smile from start to finish.

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