In-Ovation®Look and feel confident during and after orthodontic treatment with In-Ovation® braces. At Garden Orthodontics, we can give you a radiant smile faster than traditional braces without any elastics, so you will never need a tightening appointment.

In-Ovation® braces are self-ligating placing light pressure on the teeth allowing for a more comfortable feel. This system uses less metal, so friction and pressure placed on your teeth or surrounding soft tissue such as your cheeks and tongue experience less discomfort. The self-ligating design of In-Ovation® braces also means fewer appointments for you and less time spent in the office because we understand how valuable your time is.

It’s low-profile design also makes it easy to clean and reduces your chance for plaque buildup. Though the treatment time varies patient by patient, when compared to traditional metal braces, In-Ovation® is the faster treatment.


In-Ovation® Adult

It’s not uncommon for individuals to notice their teeth have changed or shifted over the years. Common dental problems include overcrowding, gaps between teeth, or alignment issues that weren’t there before. Despite this, many adults do not consider orthodontic treatment, but a healthy straight smile can be achieved at any age.

At Garden Orthodontics, we understand how important it is to find a treatment option that not only addresses your concerns but also the needs of your lifestyle. In-Ovation® Adult has aesthetic options that are ideal for anyone who desires a more discreet option.

With no metal wires or elastics, you can enjoy a natural smile during treatment as In-Ovation® Adult is designed with patient comfort and confidence in mind. With no elastics, we’ve also reduced the number of appointments necessary during your treatment, so you can focus on your life while we focus on your teeth.

We will work with you to select a treatment plan based on your dental needs and goals while also considering your lifestyle. Whether you need minimal adjustments for cosmetic concerns or would like a more advanced treatment, we are here for you!

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