Forsus ApplianceOne treatment option we offer to young patients to promote corrective growth is the Forsus appliance. This device works to eliminate excessive overbites, improve the fit of teeth, and reduce the need for future reconstructive surgery.

The Forsus appliance is designed to align the teeth and reduce the overbite and promote proper jaw growth in patients. It works on both the upper and lower teeth at the same time by pulling the top teeth back and pushing the bottom teeth forward to align your bite. The best part of this treatment option is that it sits in the back of your mouth and does not require any external equipment such as headgear, so no one will notice!

It is often used in adolescent patients because they are in a high period of growth and development increasing treatment success.

Forsus can be installed during a single appointment and can work in conjunction with existing braces so there is no need to interrupt your previous orthodontic treatment plan.

This device is low profile and does not bow into the cheek like other corrective appliances. It allows for a full range of motion so that speech and eating habits will not be affected. However as with any orthodontic treatment hard and sticky food should be avoided. The open design of the Forsus appliance allows for easy clean so you can continue your regular oral hygiene habits without worry.

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